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The Chair Doctor Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime (49 year) Warranty. All wood repairs performed by the Chair Doctor of Grand Junction are warranted for the life of the item, except those repairs for which the client requested an abbreviated type of service. An abbreviated service is one in which the joint was not disassembled and the parts not cleaned. In the event that a wood repair fails, and it is not an abbreviated repair, the client may return the item to the Chair Doctor of Grand Junction for repair or request a refund at the client’s option. However, we cannot warranty that the item will not break somewhere else, especially in the event of abuse. We are not responsible for flaws in the design of the item which may contribute to future breakage. We make every attempt to restore the piece to its original appearance, but it may not be a perfect repair. We blend the repair in such a way as to make it difficult to see with the eye at a distance of about six feet, but it may be apparent at a distance of six inches. We call this the ‘6 inch/6 foot’ rule.


Factors Affecting The Chair Doctor Work and Price

In the course of attempting a repair, there are a number of things that can increase the difficulty of the repair and the charges. The wood may be old and brittle, and break through no fault of our own. There may be sun faded areas that are difficult to match well. Previous repair attempts by others often have large amounts of glue and other material that must be removed to make a sure bond with our glues, and when we remove this material it will affect how well the parts go back together, and whether or not the seam can be detected. Nails and screws are sometimes easy to remove and sometimes hard. If the item has been loose a long time, screws and nails can break off in the joint making removal difficult. Sometimes most of a piece of furniture has to be disassembled in order to repair one joint, which makes the cost seem out of proportion to what was repaired.


Care of Finished Furniture

If The Chair Doctor refinishes your furniture with pre-catalyzed lacquer, there is not much that has to be done to take care of it except to clean it when needed. It should be dusted with a plain cloth. Small amounts of a gentle cleaner such as glass cleaner may be used for cleaning or as an aide to dusting. Mineral spirits may be used to clean heavy dirt deposits, but it will also remove paste wax if applied. A paste wax (carnauba wax, no beeswax or silicones) that is colored similar to the furniture may be applied to assist with cleaning and dusting. This wax is available from the Internet or some hardware stores, or from The Chair Doctor (about $22.00 for a one pound can). Paste wax only needs to be applied about every six months depending on usage.

If we use regular (nitro-cellulose) lacquer for the finish, care is the same as above.

When the surface of either finish becomes scuffed over time and you would like to refresh the sheen, then you can request service for either buffing out the scuff marks or applying another coat or two of finish if the damage is very severe instead of another strip and refinish service. If scratches are deep (into the wood) then refinishing may be in order.